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City of Carlsbad- Drinking Water Announcement

9-22-17: Dear Carlsbad Citizens: Due to an ongoing situation in Artesia, some of you have also expressed concern about the safety of the drinking water in Carlsbad. The City of Carlsbad receives its water from a different aquifer than the City of Artesia. Carlsbad’s drinking water is safe to drink and all testing has shown there to be no issue. Thank you.



The Carlsbad Municipal Water System is owned and operated by the City of Carlsbad. The system’s source of water is groundwater and ninety-eight percent (98%) of the water comes from the Sheep Draw Well Field (Capitan Reef) located seven (7) miles Southwest of Carlsbad in the foothills of the Guadalupe Mountains. Two percent (2%) of the water comes from the City owned and operated Double Eagle Water System located near Maljamar, New Mexico (Ogallala formation).

Over the past thirty-two years (32), the Carlsbad Municipal Water System has effectively planned for and built the facilities necessary to provide our customers with an adequate and safe water supply.



Forms and Documents:

In order to serve our customers better, we provide the following:


The following are examples in which a report is required:

Reporting Leaks:
* If any leaks are noticed.

Meter Reading:
* The water meters are read each month. Some areas have a new type of meter which is read by a computer device, much similar to a wand, whereas other areas are continually being updated to match, remain manually read at this time.

Line Locates:
* If any excavation is to take place, the person doing the excavation is required by law to call “NM One Call” for line location services.

Tampering with City Utilities:
* If any suspicious activity involving theft or possible damage to any part of the water or sewer system.

* If a customer has a broken water line on their side of the water meter and needs the water turned off to make necessary repairs. For after-hours water and sewer emergencies please contact the Police Department by calling (575) 885-2111

Meter Boxes:
* A meter box, most of which have a locking device, is installed over each meter to keep it protected and prevent any unauthorized persons from accessing it. As time permits, all meter boxes will receive locking lids. It is very important to report any box that has a missing, damaged or otherwise improperly installed lid.

Contact: Josh Dougan

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