ANNUAL BIDS  July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015
2014.60 Phase One Renovations to the Municipal Annex for the City of Carlsbad CLOSED


   Addendum 1
2014.59 New roof and HVAC system at Cavern City Air Terminal CLOSED BID RESULTS
2014.58 Early Warning Siren System CLOSED BID RESULTS
   City Map |  Addendum 1| Addendum 2 |  Addendum 3
2014.57 2015 Double Eagle Monitor Wells and Production Wells- Phase A CLOSED BID RESULTS
   Addendum 1
2014.56 Sheeps Draw Well Six- Phase One CLOSED BID RESULTS
   Addendum 1  
TBD   Postponed  
   Notification of postponement
2014.55 Calloway Dr. Final Design CLOSED 11.20.2014| 5:00 p.m.
   Callaway Dr. Bio Report Callaway PER Full CATEX Cultural Resources Report  
2014.54   Double Eagle Phase Three- Amended  CLOSED 11.12.2014| 5p.m.
  Addendum 1   Addendum 2 |  Addendum 3  
2014.53 Advertisement for bids for Maintenance Building electrical services. CLOSED BID RESULTS
  2014.53 packet  Addendum 1 CLOSED AWARDED
2014.52 Advertisement For Bids Sheeps Draw Well 6 – Ph I CLOSED BID REJECTION
2014.51 Carlsbad Wastewater Effluent Refuse CLOSED AWARDED
RFP 2014.51   NM Resident Business Preference |  Veterans Preference |   Engineering Report |   Addendum 1    
2014.50 Construction of San Jose Blvd. Road Phase III A & B   CLOSED BID RESULTS
    Bid Schedule |   Test Hole Data Sheet |  Addendum 1    
2014.49 Notice of Invitation of Bid for Roof Repair CLOSED AWARDED

Request For Proposals For Grounds Keeping And Main Of City Wide Landscapes, Medians, Gateways And Properties



  Award Not Approved by City Council - see attached result    
+ RFP 2014.48

 New Mexico Resident Business Preference Veterans Preference



RFP 2014.47 Double Eagle Well Improvements CLOSED BID RESULTS
RFP 2014.46 Final Designs for Ligon Street Project CLOSED AWARDED
RFP 2014.45 Sanitary Sewer Interceptor 118 Upgrade CLOSED BIDDER LIST
  + RFP 2014.45   Addendum No. 1 Addendum No. 2  Addendum No. 3 |   Evaluation Criteria     
RFP 2014.44 Requests For Proposals For GPS Fleet Management System CLOSED BID RESULTS
   RFP 2014.44 Addendum No. 1  Status |  Finalist Announcement  
AB 2014.43 High Pressure Loop Transmission Line CLOSED RESULTS

+ AB 2014.43   Addendum No. 1  + RFP 2014.41   Addendum No. 1 Qualification statement

+ AB 2014.43    Addendum No. 2 + AB 2014.43    Addendum No. 3 Bid Data

RFP 2014.42 Requests For Proposals For Third Party Worker's Compensation Claims CLOSED  
RFP 2014.41 Professional Services, Opening & Closing of Graves RFP Notice AWARDED EXPIRED
  + RFP 2014.41   NM Resident Business Preference |  Veterans Preference  Campaign Contribution Disclosure
  + RFP 2014.41   Addendum No. 1
AB 2014.40 Police Uniforms AWARDED BID RESULTS
AB 2014.39 Fire Department Uniforms AWARDED BID RESULTS
AB 2014.38 Public Works, Transit and Airport Uniforms AWARDED BID RESULTS
AB 2014.37 Refuse Containers, Roll-Out Refuse, Lids, Lid Assemblies... AWARDED BID RESULTS
AB 2014.34 Concrete, Mortar and Rebar AWARDED BID RESULTS
AB 2014.33 Janitorial Supplies AWARDED BID RESULTS
AB 2014.32 Office Supplies AWARDED BID RESULTS
AB 2014.31 Automotive Filters AWARDED BID RESULTS
AB 2014.30 Pest Control Services AWARDED BID RESULTS
BID 2014.28 Video Cameras for Transit Vans AWARDED  BID RESULTS
RFP 2014.27 Third Party Liability Claims Administration and Adjustment CLOSED EXPIRED
RFP 2014.26 Grounds keeping/Maintenance of City Wide Landscapes... RE-BID EXPIRED
  + RFP 2014.26   Addendum No. 2
RFP 2014.25 Cemetery Grounds keeping & Maintenance Services  RFP Notice AWARDED EXPIRED
  + RFP 2014.25   NM Resident Business Preference |  Veterans Preference  Campaign Contribution Disclosure
  + RFP 2014.25   Addendum No. 1
 RFP 2014.24 Data Network Cabling (Structured Cabling System) AWARDED EXPIRED
RFP 2014.23 10,000 Barrel Water Reservoir SECOND REQUEST AWARDED EXPIRED
RFP 2014.22 Sewer Lift Station Upgrade CLOSED EXPIRED
      Evaluation Criteria       
BID 2014.21 Bob Forrest Carlsbad Youth Sports Complex Expansion CLOSED  BID RESULTS
BID 2014.20 Interior Alterations at the Golf Pro Shop CLOSED  BID RESULTS
BID 2014.19 Spectrum Analyzer AWARDED EXPIRED
RFP 2014.18 Professional Audit Services CLOSED  RFP SCORES
BID 2014.17 New Phase 1 - Double Eagle Waterline AWARDED  BID LIST
RFP 2014.16 Ninth Street Reconstruction CLOSED  RFP SCORES
BID 2014.15 Two (2) Mid-Size, 4 Door, SUV (Police Dept.) CLOSED  BID RESULTS
BID 2014.14 Veterans Cemetery Fence Project CLOSED  BID RESULTS
RFP 2014.13 Tennis Professional Services for Municipal Tennis Courts AWARDED EXPIRED
BID 2014.12 Re-Bid | Renovations to Youth Sports Complex Concessions CLOSED  BID RESULTS
BID 2014.11 SCADA Improvements CLOSED  BID RESULTS
RFP 2014.10 Professional Construction Quality Control Services AWARDED EXPIRED
RFP 2014.09 Auction Services AWARDED EXPIRED
BID 2014.08 One (1) ½ Ton, Crew Cab, Short Wheel 4X4 Pickup Truck CLOSED  BID RESULTS
BID 2014.07 Two (2) Mid-Size, 4 Door, SUV CLOSED  BID RESULTS