Rainbow Recycling Center is run by employees of the CARC Farm, Inc. The City of Carlsbad's Solid Waste Department is in charge of picking up and delivering the recyclable material to Rainbow Recycling Center, a division of CARC, Inc. They, in turn, sort through the material and bale it to be stored and sold at a later date. The City benefits from this operation in that approximately 600 tons of recycling material, annually, do not make it to Sandpoint Landfill. Currently, Rainbow accepts corrugated cardboard, No. 1 and No. 2 PET plastic bottles, newspaper, phone books, magazines, office/computer paper, junk mail and aluminum beverage containers. 

Annually, Rainbow Recycling holds an "Open House" during the second weekend in November. This event coincides with America Recycling Month. This is wonderful time for visitors to see what recycling is about in the City of Carlsbad. The event is hosted by Rainbow Recycling, City of Carlsbad, Westinghouse and NMSU-C.

In April, during the local Earth Day Celebration, the same organizations get together and participate in displays and hold question and answer sessions with the public. This annual event is hosted by New Mexico Living Desert State Park. 



Members of the Carlsbad Recycling Advisory Board and Public Works employees joined Director Mary Garwood and the staff at Rainbow Recycling for a work day.  This was an excellent opportunity for the Board to get acquainted with the local recycling process and have a basis for making better decisions and recommendations regarding the city's recycling program.  Basically, when the recycling collection truck arrives at Rainbow Recycling, the material is off-loaded onto a conveyor belt, then hand-sorted for baling and vendor recovery. 




The City of Carlsbad Solid Waste Department and Rainbow Recycling, received the award for “Non-Profit and Joint City Recycling Program of the Year” during the NMRC Conference in June 2010.  Tim Gray (left) of the NM Environmental Department and English Bird (right) of the NM Recycling Coalition, present the award to Mary Garwood, who directs the recycling program at Rainbow Recycling.  




Tours are given by Mary Garwood and her staff of dedicated employees. No pictures are allowed on the premises. Please call for questions or tours at (575) 885-0917.  





  NORTHGATE RECYCLING SITE(On Lamont Street, parallel to West Pierce Street)



Contact: Mary Garwood
Phone: (575) 885-0917